New Exciting Features

In view of offering a better service to our subscribers, we are pleased to announce that we have now made the following Plugins available for FREE:

(1) An advanced typing editor with extended options to make your text more attractive*

(2) A Sitemap Generator to submit your blog to the following search engines: Google, Bing &*

(3) Plugin that enables you to share your posts to Facebook, Tweet, Google+ and many others*

(4) A powerful all-in-one plugin to manage meta-data and handle a wide range of SEO tasks*

We are confident these updates will help in making your blog more efficient and better exposed to search engines. 

Happy blogging folks 🙂

oOo The “Proudly Mauritian” Team oOo

 * Please note that the above are advanced features, if you are unsure please do not make changes. This may result in your blog not functioning properly. Help files can be found on the internet for all of the above.

Free Blog


We are pleased to announce that registration for your FREE Corporate Blog is now open. Your free registration also entitles you to a FREE entry to our Mauritius Directory at ““.

We hope you will find our blog network interesting and you are also encouraged to participate in our Forums too. Please limit your comments to the subject matter and keep it professional.

oOo The “Proudly Mauritian” Team oOo in perspective


Mauritius Island - Paradise Island

The idea of setting up goes a few years back in the UK, when we realised we needed a common platform where the Mauritian community could share its ideas, principles and values. At the same time, it had to be something in line with a forum and a website portal as well…..something which would make the user feel special. After much thought, we decided to go for a blog platform incorporating a forum, where we would be able to give away a ‘corporate’ blog for everybody…and to top it all, registration is free!

Yes, you are free to register for your own blog, to post your own stuff and comment on almost anything, so long you comply to the terms & conditions. Feel free to share your blog with your friends, colleagues or relatives and update it regularly to make it popular.

Crazy stuff some would say…but the real success of relies only on the contribution of the Mauritian community towards the registration of their blog and marketing it to others and by keeping it updated. The Forum will help inspiring others through active discussion on diverse topics.  Irrespective of wherever your business is located on the planet, the choice is yours to make 🙂

And yes, you would have noticed the ‘annoying’ ads , but this is what we hope will keep this site going, for the benefit the Mauritian community at large.

Last but not least, is “made by Mauritians for Mauritians”.

So happy blogging folks!

Casse paquer 🙂

oOo The “Proudly Mauritian” Team oOo